About us.

For you. For friends and family. For professionals.

Everyone has a right to the right information about drink and drugs. 

Not every person who drinks or uses drugs has a problem – but every drink or drug can cause lots of problems. By providing the right information, we can help young people and adults make better decisions about what they choose to put into their bodies. We can help family and friends feel less alone. We can help professionals feel more confident. 

Drink Drug Hub has been created by North Yorkshire Horizons to provide reliable information about drink and drugs, with every factsheet, video, guide, and news article checked so you know you can trust it. Anyone living in North Yorkshire can also attend our free training or awareness events, as well as discovering learning opportunities provided by other agencies across our region.  

We do not encourage people to drink and take drugs, but we do encourage everyone to learn about whatever they choose to take. For anyone looking to change their drink and drug use, please click ‘Get Support’ to find where you can access free, confidential support. For everything else, we hope you can find it on Drink Drug Hub.

Drink Drug Hub - About Us